About Us

Showtime Business Management was conceived in 2015 out of an urgent need by business managers in the live entertainment industry. We face multiple challenges in managing our workforce in this fluid, fast paced industry.

    A few of the major challenges we were facing:
  • Spending countless hours on the phone trying to fill work and waiting for call backs.
  • Negotiating complaints concerning fellow member call assignments; who, when and why.
  • Culling through a backlog of spreadsheets and sign in sheets for contract negotiations, grievance hearings, and payroll disputes.
We looked for a solution to help us save resources and more efficiently manage the demands of this huge fluctuation in staffing needs as well as to make use of our valuable historical data. Unable to find a product that could solve our problems, we created our own. We are not salesman, just a few people, that understand this business, offering a long overdue great management tool.