Showtime Business Management provides cost effective and efficient management tools for business administrators. Managing a flexible workforce can be a daunting and time consuming job. Give us a look, we can make your life a lot easier.

Schowcall Manager

Our Flagship Product, Showcall Manager, evolved from a need to bring a dynamic, cloud based, event management solution to the arena and theater industry. Showcall Manager saves our customers time, money, and resources.

Here are a few of the things Showcall Manager can do for you:

Workforce management: Employees receive text and email when work is posted.

Employee management: Group employees by qualified positions. Track and report on bookoffs.

Event fulfillment: The software will fill your events based on the employees wish list and skill set.

Event management: Manage your workforce dynamically for each event. Move people to different positions or fill a last minute request for more staff.

Venue management: Keep track of rates and percentages of each venue.

Timesheets: Timesheets are created automatically for each call or event, track hours and OT.

Sign in sheets: Created automatically for each call or event.

Communications: Send messages to all staff, select staff, or specific groups.

Reporting: We offer dynamic reporting for tracking Payroll, Employees, and Events. Custom reports are also available upon request.

Payroll reports: reporting with benefit and deduction options. Reports are either venue based or for all venues for a given date range.

We will work with you when possible to customize the software to fit your needs. Contact us to setup a no strings attached presentation and let us set up a demo environment for you to take it for a test drive.